And the final winner is…

Drum roll please …


(my mole from Lifeway will email you with information about the prize!)

Naomi Andrs says:

After reading everyones posts, watching the videos several more times, looking at the pictures that were on the Lifeway site, I would have to guess – New York, Big Apple.
I am so excited about this years VBS. One month and 1 day until Saddle Ridge Ranch for Lake Point Church!

You’ve won the 2011 Big Apple Adventure Sampler.

Have you gone to check out the new Big Apple Adventure website?

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Start spreading the news! I’m leaving TODAY!!!!

I wanna be a part of it – VBS 2011!!!!

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Tomorrow is the Big Day!

We are so close!

I love reading all your comments and seeing how excited all of you are! But I don’t think you can compete with my excitement! You remember that feeling you used to get on Christmas eve? Remember how you felt that your excitement could literally explode out of your fingertips? That’s how I feel right now. Except multiplied by a million.

For those of you in the middle of Saddle Ridge Ranch, how are things going? Any tips or ideas that you may have for those of us who have yet to start!?

Have you seen what’s going on over at Lifeway’s VBS blog? They’re trying to figure out who my mole is! And I hope they do! Because he (SHE?) hasn’t given us enough clues for us to figure out the theme. But I was promised that I would find out the theme TOMORROW so the next clue better be a really good one!

Could this be my mole?

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the last video and the exciting news!

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Saturday Morning Cartoons

How’s your weekend? I’m really enjoying all the comments. You guys are a bunch of detectives!

My mole decided to go to the pool today and a have a “Fun” day. This is not the time to be having fun! We are so close to figuring this out but he wants to go work on his tan?! Ugh. Considering I’m not going to uncover anything important today, I thought I should try to find something exciting to do…but then my stomach starting feeling terrible. I probably shouldn’t have eaten the hot dog he sent me just to see if there was a clue inside. (There wasn’t one by the way).

Now that I’m inside all day, I’ve been watching cartoons because that’s the only thing on TV right now. I figured I’d share my favorite cartoon from the world wide web.

Go have a Saturday fun day for me! I’ll be back with more tomorrow!

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Video Number Two!

UPDATE! : According to my mole SOMEONE who posted in the comment section is getting really close to next year’s theme! He didn’t say who or how many of you were close but I can say that the concept behind next year’s theme has been mentioned!

Only a few more days until we uncover the truth behind next year’s theme. I can’t wait. I’m sure some of you are getting a bit anxious (I know I am)!

Before we move on to my next video…it’s time to announce the winner of the first “Guess the Theme Contest”!

And that person is….. Marsha Boyd (my mole from Lifeway will email you with information about the prize!)

She commented at 8:09 on 6/8 and said: I am thinking along the lines of High School Musical/Hannah Montana theme. We are in the middle of SRR right now and having a yeehaw good time!

Congratulations! Hope you enjoy the free sampler! Send it to me if you want!

And now…Video Number Two! Keep those guesses coming! There’s another sampler to be given away!

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This is driving me crazy! What does a balloon have to do with the theme? Agh!

I’m not sure my mole understands the concept of what a mole does. This whole thing would be a lot easier if he just TOLD US WHAT THE THEME WAS!

But alas, we have to keep guessing away. Speaking of which…

Here are a few concepts that I created from your comments on the last post:

“I would really like to see a dinosaur theme some day.”

“ninja/warrior theme…”

Does anyone think we’re getting closer? I hope so! Be sure to check back tomorrow for my newest video! Hopefully my mole will give us a better hint at next year’s theme. He better not send me another balloon!

Until next time, don’t forget to leave a comment with your guess for the 2011 theme to be entered to win a 2011 VBS sampler! See this post for more details.

The winner will be announced tomorrow, so be sure to leave your comment by midnight tonight!

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Video Numero Uno!

(scroll down to view video)

Great guesses on that last post! A lot of you had some really great ideas that I wish Lifeway could use in the future!

For instance, Ty-man said:

“i think it could be something on a boat. they’ve never done that before. like pirates seekin’ god’s treasure or a cruise line livin with God is a luxury.”

What a great idea! And the kids could do all kinds of treasure hunts for prizes. Or they could have their picture taken in front of a backdrop of the ocean on the first day of VBS  just like they do before a cruise!

And I love all the ideas about musicals! I think that would be so much fun!

Moving on!

My official search has begun! Like I said earlier, this year is going to be harder than last year but I’m not going to let that stop me!

Check out my first video! We’re getting closer! And don’t forget to leave a comment with your 2011 theme guess to be entered to win a 2011 VBS sampler! See this post for more details.

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